Frequency Range 
VHF : 136-174MHz
Channel Capacity 128 channels 
Channel Spacing 25KHz(WideBand) 12.5KHz(NarrowBand) 
Phase-locked Step 5KHz , 6.25KHz 
Operating Voltage 7.4V DC ±20% 
CbatteryLife More than 14Hours(1700mAh) , by 5-5-90 working cycle 
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm 




Dual band, dual display, dual standby
Frekuensi VHF : 136 – 174 MHz
Frekuensi UVF : 400 – 480 MHz
A/B band independent operation
Shortcut menu operation mode
Repeater shifts and ARS function
Power : High/low TX power switchable

Firstcom FC-136

HT Firstcom FC-136
5 watt power
128 memory channel
Built-in radio FM
Auto Power Off
VOX (voice operated system)
TOT (time-out timer)
50 CTCSS tone & 104 DCS

Yaesu FT-8800R

Yaesu FT-8800R

Yaesu FT-2900R

Yaesu FT-2900
  • 200 Alpha-numeric Memories
  • 75 Watts Output
  • DTMF Memories
  • Smart Search
  • Backlit DTMF Mic
  • CTCSS Encode/Decode
  • DCS Encode/Decode
  • Four Level Dimmer
  • NOAA Weather Alert
  • Smart Search™
The Yaesu FT-2900R is quiet and powerful. This ruggedly-built 2 meter transceivers boasts 75 watts of output. Yet no fan is required thanks to Yaesu's die cast chassis/heat-sink design. The ergonomics are unsurpassed for safe mobile operation. Four power levels are available: 75, 30, 10 and 5 watts. And weather channels are built in with Severe Weather Alert capability. The FT-2900R is MIL-STD 810 tough. You get extended receive from 136-174 MHz. The backlit display has four dimmer levels. The FT-2900R is similar to theFT-2800M, but adds a Memory Only mode and provides 10 watts more.
The supplied MH-48A6J hand mic is backlit. Other included items: MMB83 mobile mounting bracket, DC power cord with fuse, standing front feet and operating manual. This radio requires 13.8 VDC at 15 amps.

Diamond BU-50

Diamond BU-50
Diamond BU 50
Range - 1.7 to 40MHz
VSWR - Less than 1.5:1
Max. power rating - 1.2kW(PEP)

Alinco DX-SR8

Alinco DX-SR8

Alinco DX-SR8 covers 160 to 10 meters in SSB, CW, AM and FM. The transmitter delivers a powerful 100 watts in SSB, CW and FM (40 watts on AM). And three power levels may be selected: 100 watts, 10 watts and a variable QRP setting of 0.1 ~ 2 Watts. The receiver tunes general coverage from 30 kHz to 35 MHz. Other features include: IF shift, 600 memories, band and memory scanning, attenuator, preamp, RIT, XIT and noise blanker.

Yaesu FT-450

Yaesu FT-450
Yaesu FT-450

Yaesu FT-450 provides world class performance in an easy to use, compact package. It employs state of the art IF DSP technology to bring an array of advanced features to the operator. Transmit frequency coverage includes 160 to 6 meters. 1.8/2.4/3.0 kHz. 
*400 MHz built-in IF DSP
*Built-in Electronic Keyer
*LCD Multi-function Display.
*Bar-Graph Metering
*Built-in TCXO ± 1 PPM/hour (after warmup)
*AGC Fast-Slow-Auto-Off Selection.
*Clarifier adjustment
*Dedicated Data Jack for FSK-RTTY
*User functions configurable by menu
*Digital voice announcement of frequency, mode and S-meter
*500 Regular Memories and Two voice memories
*CW Beacon function
*10 kHz Roofing Filter

Icom IC-2300H

Icom IC-2300H
Icom IC-2300H

Stable 65W of output power
The IC-2300H can generate 65W of output power. The rugged aluminum diecast chassis provides effective heat dissipation and keeps RF output even during high duty cycle continuous transmission. Output power is selectable in 4-steps (65/25/10/5W*)

harga :

Yaesu VX-6R

Yaesu VX-6R
Yaesu VX-6R

  • Wideband Receive 504 kHz-998.9 MHz (less cellular)
  • EAI Emergency Automatic ID
  • 900 Alphanumeric Memory Channels
  • ARTS-Automatic In-Range Transponder
  • Backlit Keypad & LCD
  • Internet Key for Access to WIRES™
The Yaesu VX-6R is a triple band (2M, 220 & 440 MHz) HT with extensive receive coverage, and leading-edge features. It is an easy-to-use "little brother" to the VX-7R, and is both submersible (JIS7: 30 minutes of submersion at depth of 3 feet) and extremely rugged. The VX-6R provides wide receiver coverage at 504 kHz ~ 998.99 MHz (cellular blocked), and puts out 5 Watts of power on the 144 and 430 MHz bands (1.5 W on 222 MHz). The standard memory has 900 channels with 6-digit alpha numeric tag, and 24 memory banks for channel allocation.
Supplied with an incredibly compact FNB-80LI 1500 mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack, the VX-6R includes a number of new and innovative features, including the new "Emergency Automatic ID" (EAI) system, which automatically causes the VX-6R to transmit your call sign and engage your rig's microphone, even if you are disabled and unable to press the PTT switch; Enhanced Paging and Code Squelch (EPCS), that allows you to page a particular station and only receive calls from that station, if desired. A new "Wake-Up" battery saver system extends battery life even more than the previous battery saver circuits. A new security password feature allows you to turn on and operate your transceiver only after you enter your password. There is a direct memory recall (DMR) feature (one-touch memory access system, like on a car stereo), and they have even included a CW trainer for those working on increasing their code speed! And of course CTCSS and DCS are built in.
The VX-6R packs all these features and performance into a compact package measuring just 2.3 x 3.5 x 1.1 inches WHD and weighs only 9.45 oz (with battery and antenna). The Volume and Squelch knobs are oversized, for easy operation even when wearing gloves. There is even an optional submersible speaker mic.
Other features include: black magnesium case, 900 memories, severe weather alert, and multicolor transmit/receive LED.
Hikers and mountain climbers may connect the optional SU-1 Barometric Sensor for direct air pressure readings. 

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Yaesu FTM-350R

The Yaesu FTM-350R dual band mobile transceiver operates on 2 meters and 70 centimeters. And that is with a full 50 watts (50/20/5W) of reliable power on both bands. And even QRP 220 MHz (1 watt) is supported (USA version only). It has two separate receivers with dual speakers on the rear of the control head. The controls are easy to use. A variety of screen displays are supported. On the left receiver enjoy the AM, FM and stereo FM broadcast bands with extended receive: 0.5-1.7, 76-108, 108-250, 300-1000 MHz (less former cellular frequencies). The right receiver covers 108-250, 300-1000 MHz (less former cellular frequencies). Enjoy 500 memories with alpha tagging for the leftband and 500 for the right band (total 1000) plus 9 DTMF memories. And the FTM-350R menu system is easy to use. There are also stereo line inputs available. This radio has a built-in TNC for APRS® applications. Cross-band repeat is supported. The FTM-350R is ready to accept the optional FGPS-1 internal GPS receiver-antenna. The front panel is easily remoteable with the 10 foot included cable. A 20 foot remote cable is available optionally. There is a front panel built-in microphone activates PTT transmission. Please note that the control head does not directly mount to the radio body. Supplied with: MH-48A6JA DTMF hand mic, front panel suction type mounting bracket, radio body mounting bracket, DC power cable, 10 foot control panel cable, speaker cable, spare fuse and Owner's Manual.
This original version has been discontinued and replaced by the FTM-350AR.

The new Yaesu FTM-350AR radio features these enhancements:
GPS Standard format NMEA ready. Way point data out.
Newly designed MMB-98 vacuum cup-mounting bracket with angle control.
APRS® will operate in the background, on single band.
Additional voice alert function.
Re-allocated often used keys to more convenient positions for easier operation.

Ability to program direct APRS® onto Programmable key on the DTMF microphone

Yaesu FT-250R

Yaesu VX-7R

Yaesu VX-7R
  • 900 Memories
  • AM band and full SW to 30 MHz
  • European Tone Burst
  • Wideband Receive
  • True Dual Receive
  • ARTS-Automatic In-Range Transponder
  • Backlit Keypad & LCD
  • Internet Key for Access to WIRES™
The Yaesu VX-7R is a triple band (6M, 2M & 440 MHz) HT with extensive receive coverage, and leading-edge features. The American version even transceivers with 300 mW on the 220 band. Power output on 6 meters, 2 meters and 440 MHz is 5/2.5/1/0.5 watts. It receives the AM and FM broadcast bands, shortwave (AM), VHF and UHF TV audio, VHF Air and public service frequencies. This new model features a ruggedmagnesium case with rubber bumpers and gaskets. It clearly sets the standard in ruggedness, versatility and water resistance. It is actually submersible (3 feet for 30 minutes). There is even an optional submersible speaker mic. The Yaesu display at the Dayton Hamvention featured the VX-7R submerged over 1 meterand powered for over 8 hours!
Other features include: magnesium case, 24 hour clock, 900 memories, changeable icons, severe weather alert, and multicolor LED strobe. The VX-7R also has an Internet key to access the new WIRES™ system.
At only 2.5 x 4 x 1.2 inches it will go with you everywhere. Hikers and mountain climbers may connect the optional SU-1 Barometric Sensor for direct air pressure readings. The VX7R comes with SMA Dual Section Antenna, FNB-80LI Lithium Ion Battery, NC-72B Battery Charger, Belt Clip and Wrist Strap. Please note that the VX-7RS is silver and the VX-7RB is black.



(X700H: 144/430MHz(2m/70cm)

Length:7.2m / Radial length:approx.52cm / Weight:3.8kg
Gain:9.3dB(144MHz),13.0dB(430MHz) / Max.power rating:200W FM
Impedance:50ohms / VSWR:Less than 1.5:1 / Rated wind velocity:40m/sec
Mast diameter accepted:30mm to 62mm(More than 45mm diameter mast is recommended) / Connector:M-J
Type:4x5/8wave C-Load(144MHz),11x5/8wave C-Load(430MHz),FRP outershell

Price :



X300: 144/430MHz(2m/70cm)
Length:3.1m / Radial length:approx.52cm / Weight:1.5kg
Gain:6.5dB(144MHz),9.0dB(430MHz) / Max.power rating:200W FM(Total)
Impedance:50ohms / VSWR:Less than 1.5:1 / Rated wind velocity:50m/sec.
Mast diameter accepted:30mm to 62mm / Connector:MJ/NJ
Type:2x5/8wave C-Load(144MHz),5x5/8wave C-Load(430MHz),FRP outershell

Price :